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Cultural Learning Not Limited to Humans


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Aug 27, 2005
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Scientific theory and religious dogma both have always maintained that one aspect that separates humans from all other animals has been the ability of humans to learn, and then pass that learning on to other humans. It is no longer the case, and it has now been shown that cultural learning is no longer within the domain of humans only.

Article is here.
I think one of the main differences between humans and other animals is how much more other animals live off instincts. If they are presented with a choice, they choose off their instict. This really isnt that much different from humans, so i really dont know where im going with this...lol. Interesting article anyway, and I would love to hear what other ppl think the main difference between humans and other animals is, if one really exists.
i guess instincts is the main difference. While instincts are immensly important, humans have learned that reason can produce great results in survival as well.
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