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Cuba abandons More Doctors program In Brasil, citing threatening declarations from Bolsonaro


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May 1, 2015
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In January when he is inaugurated, Bolsonaro should just cut diplomatic relations with Cuba.



We conditioned the continuity of the More Doctors program to the application of a competency test, a full salary for Cuban professionals, where today most of it goes to the dictatorship, and freedom the bring their families, unfortunately, Cuba didn't accept.

Besides exploiting their citizens by not paying a complete salary to their professionals, the Cuban dictatorship demonstrated great irresponsibility by ignoring the negative impact on the life and health to Brazilians and to the integrity of Cubans.

Jair M. Bolsonaro

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12h12 hours ago
Condicionamos à continuidade do programa Mais Médicos a aplicação de teste de capacidade, salário integral aos profissionais cubanos, hoje maior parte destinados à ditadura, e a liberdade para trazerem suas famílias. Infelizmente, Cuba não aceitou.

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Jair M. Bolsonaro

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Além de explorar seus cidadãos ao não pagar integralmente os salários dos profissionais, a ditadura cubana demonstra grande irresponsabilidade ao desconsiderar os impactos negativos na vida e na saúde dos brasileiros e na integridade dos cubanos.

It's so cool that Dilma was impeached. The below shows where her loyalty is.

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