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Cry Havoc!


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May 31, 2005
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Cry Havoc!
By: Edward Daley
RightConservative.com 07-08-05

On July 7, 2005, terrorists attacked Great Britain's capital city, killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds more. Targeting London's

mass transit system, the cowardly barbarians known as Al-Qaeda bombed tube trains and a double-decker bus in four locations around the city. The attacks took place over the course of about an hour's time, beginning at 8:51 am between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street stations, and ending at 9:47 am at Tavistock Place.

Soon after reading about the bombings on an internet AP site, I turned on my radio to listen for further updates about the atrocities. Within

minutes of tuning into one of my favorite talk radio shows, I heard a liberal caller to the program state that we have to try and better

understand what Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups are all about, and what they want, if we're ever going to stop such attacks from

happening in the future. Of course, when questioned as to why he felt that way, he had no answer. This didn't surprise me at all, since there

is no good reason for us to waste our time trying to understand what motivates mass murdering Islamo-fascists.

All we need to know about these parasites is that they are hateful extremists from backward countries that refuse to enter the 21st

century... or even the 16th century, for that matter. Attempting to understand more than that makes no sense whatsoever, because even if we could ascertain exactly what it is people like Osama Bin Laden require of us before they'll stop slaughtering innocent people, that knowledge would only be useful to us if we were willing to change who we are in order to appease them.

Of course, liberals seem to think that appeasing them is exactly what we should be doing. Why, if the United States could only be more like

Spain, which immediately replaced its government with a communist regime following the terrorist attacks on Madrid in 2004, and then proceeded to pull its troops out of Iraq, things would be so much better than they are today. After all, it's our presence in Iraq which is really getting under the skin of international terrorists these days. We need to just get out of there!

Ok then, let's take a quick look at that philosophical approach to ending terrorism. In the first place, if we did decide to abandon everything that our military men and women have fought for since the Iraq War began, humiliating each and every one them in the process, and throwing the people of that country to the wolves, what would stop Al-Qaeda from making even greater demands on us after that? I mean, we weren't even in Iraq when they attacked our cities on 9/11, so that clearly won't be a grand enough gesture of appeasement.

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