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Crimean Tatar activists has brought to Moscow transfer to the Putler´s Ukrainian hostages (seamen) (1 Viewer)


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Sep 2, 2017
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i have great respect to these real "russians" (Mongols Juchi ) who ruled (de jure ) over ulus juchi up to 19s . together with western Ukrainians they are best what Ukraine have. and they will win , its just matter of time.


" Crimean Tatar activists in Moscow

Crimean Tatar activists arrived in Moscow to convey collected on the Peninsula food and other things captured Ukrainian sailors.

Crimean Tatar activists arrived on Monday, 3 December, in Moscow to transmit the collected in the annexed Peninsula food and other things captured in the Black sea and the Ukrainian servicemen who are in jail Lefortovo. This was told by the activist of the Crimean Tatar national movement Nariman in Facebook.

“My friends, a desperate and courageous people took on the responsibility to bring collected in the Crimea transfer, clothes, food. And with the help of our friends here in Moscow, to convey to them (Ukrainian sailors – ed.) together, so they, being in so gloomy the place felt normal,” – said the activist.

It is known that on November 27 activists announced the collection of funds in the Crimea for Ukrainian sailors. Later, the activists said that in a few days has collected more than 265 thousand rubles (100 thousand hryvnias).

We will remind, on November 30 arrested Ukrainian sailors captured on 25 November, along with vessels of naval forces of the AFU in the area of the Kerch Strait, taken from the annexed Crimea in Lefortovo prison in Moscow.

Soon the members of the Moscow Public oversight Commission visited the prisoners of the Ukrainian seamen which are contained in the Lefortovo prison."


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