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Crazy Theories



Post your crazy theories about life (not your actual beliefs)

What if the world as you know it is merely someone else's dream? Me and Everyone else you ever thought you met were just figments of someone's imagination. The Apocalypse is really just that person waking up. None of this is real and better yet, you are not real.
Theory 1:
Life is a lie You´re telling Yourself from aside. It´s not someone elses imagination but your own. Then comes the biggest and only democrat and vanishes this stupid impossible dream that has nonesoever grip in reality cause our existence limits us to time and space.
ouch there´s xian error: how can god control this endless emptiness since he exists too?
damn xian error 2: someone promised me an eternal life, but it´s a oneway ticket forward, not allowed to go backwards in eternity. Like the case with Loot: looked back and turned to salt. Go back before your birth and there´s your (blissful) eternal life... damn this theory sucks.

Theory 2:
We are apes in disguise, controlled by the grand master ape. The master ape is only ape that has not been lobotomized (they lobotomize all right after birth) He is kept in a secret place that only few know (US government and UN of course, but even they don´t know what they´re doing. Master ape has high degree in shamanism, he has them under a spell). Actually, the great secret to his wisdom and power is that they saved Hitler´s brain and a secret group of superdoctors from Africa planted them in masta apes head. This cycle can only be broken by accidental genetic mutation.
Theory: This is my 125th post. I now have two donkeys. Would anyone like to buy my donkeys?

PS this actually isn't a theory.
My favorite theory:

MapQuest is getting kickbacks from the toll roads to take people out of their way several hours to drive on them. No, seriously. Swear to God.
Aaagh, the treachery! I trusted MapQuest, but it did try to get me to go on the toll way one time when it was completely unneccesary.
HTColeman said:
Aaagh, the treachery! I trusted MapQuest, but it did try to get me to go on the toll way one time when it was completely unneccesary.

HA! See?!? DO YOU SEE?!? Damn bastards.
Last mission of Russian submarine Kursk was to attack HAARP. Kursk has been stop by US submarine Memphis, which later appear on NATO base in Norwey, for uncertain repair. Russians asked for inspection of Memphis; however US did not allow any inspection. So, Mr. Putin?s famous answer: "It sunk" mean nothing but promise of future war.
So, antiterrorist war in the west, as well as in Russia is just secret war conducted by Russian and US intelligence, and destroying HAARP, which is considered by Russians as a new geographical weapon (doesn't matter whether they true ore not), is the main goal for this campaign.:lol: :lol: :lol:
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