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Crazy Religious Sex Rant At School Board Meeting!


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Nov 17, 2009
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I didn't like the fact they made fun of Texas at the end thought. I was laughing out loud in his little rant about how sex was evil, and for the devil ahahah.

I also liked at the end of the rant the guy that Said o_K. :mrgreen:
.....the ****?

What in the name of fresh holy hell was THAT!?

It's Orange County which is a little nutso-futso anyways but this is pretty cranked even for Orange County

My bet is that he was trying to stir up some controversy to get free publicity. Voters in Orange Country are VERY Republican, Orange is the seat of the Evangelical movement in the US, so they probably wouldnt find his remarks that off-putting
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:rofl: "let me throw my grenades, here"

#2 - Real men do not wear condoms nor do they pay for abortions.

Yeah, they just pump and dump
Do you ever get tired of smugness?
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