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Corsi Drags Bezos Into Mueller Suit


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Jan 21, 2013
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Relatable Russia-bits:

Corsi alleges that Franzia “grilled him” in a telephone interview on Jan. 17 and told him that the Post obtained sensitive information from “unspecific sources in the Office of the Special Counsel,” indicating Mueller was investigating monthly payments Corsi may have received in exchange for staying silent regarding “incriminating evidence” found on Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone and InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

“These hush money payments [of $15,000 per month] to plaintiff Corsi were maliciously and falsely represented to be made by Dr. David Jones, father of Alex Jones of InfoWars,” the complaint says of Corsi’s exchange with Franzia.

Also I suspected that Trump used the National Enquirer to smear Bezos. Corsi is a professional idiot.

Embattled Conspiracy Theorist Drags Bezos Into Mueller Suit
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