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Corporatism is the Merger of State and Business Power. Laissez-Faire Anyone?


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Jul 12, 2010
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If corporatism is the merger of state and business power, or as Mussolini put it, the merger of state and corporate power, then what is the alternative of corporatism? Is regulation, manipulation, and/or nationalization REALLY the answer to preventing this collaboration? What happens when you regulate business? You make business very interested in politics. Granted, businesses inherently try to squeeze every dollar from the beginning, but that is because it is inherent in the system that government bailout one company, subsidize another, regulate and punish yet still another company, and so on. The easiest way to avoid a business-political partnership is to do away with regulation, subsidies, preferential tax treatment, bailouts, guaranteed loans, tariffs, quotas, laws that empower union groups who monopolize the labor force, laws that benefit larger corporations at the cost of small businesses (ie taxes and minimum wage laws), etc! The government and business enjoy a cozy relationship. A tit for tat. We allow corporatism to unfold because we want the government always there to manipulate the business. People forget that the largest corporations will always benefit from stiffening regulation. They have the resources to hire the army of lobbyists, lawyers, and accountants to turn the tables in their favor. Corporatism serves as the basis for marxist political systems as well as fascist political systems...which leads me to my next topic,

The opposite of communism is not fascism, but freedom. The opposite of fascism is not communism, but freedom. Communism and Fascism are as close together as libertarianism is with anarcho-capitalism. The major foundation for the first regimes remains to be corporatism with a totalitarian structure. The major foundation for the last two regimes remains to simply be freedom. Here is the Nolan Chart to better illustrate my point.

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