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Contrial seen in NY reported as another Rocket style attempe

Can a mod merge this with the missile in California thread? Made a mistake and made a new thread sorry.
I agree. Though that was maybe a comet and not a missile like the other one.

You thought that too. I'd bet this was a comet that was on the path to new york and that missile in south California was a way to divert it.
It is really stupid to think for a minute that a UFO would even leave a contrail, and Missiles don't fly horizontally except for the cruise variety and they don't fly this high ever.

This is a contrail caught from a plane at about 30,000 taken from about twenty miles away as it is caught in the last of the evening Sun light.

People are sure in a hurry to make much ado about nothing.

I guess it comes with the frustration of daily life.

The only people who like to hype this are people who can profit from the hype like George Norry on C2C and some of his nut job guests.

Notice I said some, and it's because I know and have interviewed a couple Like Dr. Nick Begich who are brilliant, and not the fake kind of brilliant we hear about a certain dumb-ass politician either.

I have spent many hundreds of hours talking with people on various subjects and very few give a damn about the truth, or logic if keeping some paranormal, or conspiracy theory going. It's the nature of the game.

If you do the research and go back and look at what the big UFO news of the early 50s was and the people in the interviews and the meetings out in Giant Rock for example you will laugh your ass off at how stupid and hokey they all are.

Then compare those with what we see today because as the UFO stories have aged the level of sophistication has gone up with the times.

Still some are believed when there is no reason in the world to believe them for a second.

Michael Horn Wrote a book about Billy Meir famous one armed Swiss who claims a bunch of crack pot pictures ha has are from his frinds from out there. He's even be out there on a joy ride.

I interviewed Horn and he claims it's all all as real as can be.

Well Billy's ex-wife says other wise and then there is the following. So before you believe a so-called expert or George Noory or anyone else remember these two actual pictures, and ask yourself seriously, do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

By the way I only debunk the fakes as I see them. I have a few friends who are legit.


Famous wedding cake UFO. Big one don't you think?
Author for Billy Meir, Micheal Horn claimed this was the real deal.


Oops I think this one found in the shed is the real deal.

Meir has been said to be the real thing for years and guess what.

I rest my case ladies and gentlemen of the public jury. You decide, what's real for you.

Remember Akum's Razor, the simplest explanation's usually the correct one, or words to that effect.
The first one was an airplane. Ok? Missiles don't have red and green NAV lights.

edit: And that's not even mentioning the velocity problem.
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Maybe they're the source of the Seneca Guns. Heard them last weekend.

I rest my case ladies and gentlemen of the public jury.
You decide, what's real for you.
Remember Akum's Razor, the simplest explanation's usually the correct one, or words to that effect.
It's the wrong damn color! OBVIOUSLY the bald dude wants people to believe UFOs don't exist, so he made that model replica and posed for this staged photo. Notice how it's intentionally poor quality so as to hide details of the model that are inconsistant with the actual UFO. I wonder how long it took him to realize that the real deal wasn't made from melted pennies.
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