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Continual logging in....


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May 24, 2005
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I apologize if my question seems simple to many of you here. I'm a newbie to this site.

The couple of times I have ATTEMPTED to post a thread, the next page that pops up is the Log In page. I have logged in so many times, it's not even funny. Is this website time sensitive? Does it assume that if I'm not clicking on buttons or writing short responses or threads that I'm not logged in? I leave the box for "Remember Me?" checked, assuming that would help. But I'm getting frustrated and annoyed by this action.

The two times I've been successful at posting my threads is only because after I completed typing what I wanted to state, I copied it, logged back in for the umpteenmilionth time, went back to the appropriate forum, and pasted it. In fact, you better believe it, I'm gonna do the same thing after I'm done with this.

Someone, please help! I want to join in and contribute to healthy conversation, but the system or powers-that-be are making it difficult for me. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to edit my profile to check something off? What? Thanks in advance.
That sounds like a computer problem, as I don't know of anyone else having that problem. I would do your routine maintenance, defragment, clean out the old cookies, and files etc. If you have spybot or adware, I would run those also. Maybe someone else could offer other suggestions.
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