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Constitutional Amendments

I would make it so the government actually had to abide by it....
I think I would re-arrange the length and number of terms for the various offices. For example, Supreme Court justices would be appointed for one, 20-year term. The president would be elected for one, 8-year term. Senators would be elected for one, 10-year term. Finally, Congressmen would be elected for up to three, 4-year terms.
i agrre with both your statements honestly at this point i beleive our coinstituion is the best rules of governing humanity has to offer, now if only people could listen to it without flawed interpratation
No. I'm sorry. 4 year term only. George Washington set up that precedent that a president (no pun intended) can only run two terms. Don't F with that. 8 years is too long for one president anyway.
How about allowing Presidents to run for a unlimited amount of terms again. FDR got elected four times. There is nothing wrong with that. We could reelect W in 08.
The wording of the first two amendments to be more definative about religeon and guns.
I would change the 27th amendment. Since when is it constitutional for congress to vote themselves a pay raise. I mean if I was a congress man person thing then what is to stop me from simply saying "well I need to put in an in-ground pool today so...yeah a pay raise is just right"? A person shouldn't have the ability to give themselves money; if anything the people should vote on it.
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