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Conscious AI could control EVERY device on planet...


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Jan 10, 2015
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Southern Oregon
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Personally, I think they are messing with fire.
AI will conquer gossip with an iron fist. Once we figure out neural networks it's over. Monte Carlo simulation is already theoretically functional, it just takes a lot of computing power to be effective on a large scale. Hope you guys are invested in quantum mechanics R&D.
Meh. There are still places in the US, one of the most developed countries, where there is no internet signal and folks use landlines. There are still quite a few people who drive vehicles without chips. Any AI that the public perceived was controlling would be immediately EMPd to hell.
The penultimate episode of "Person of Interest" was last night, but the first four seasons are being shown in syndication. For anybody interested in either AI or dystopian fiction, this is must-see TV that focuses on the brave new world of AI.
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