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Congressman: U.S. Intel Knew 9/11 Plotters

scottyz said:

I have a very startling story that one of my customers told me. Prior to 9/11, she had boarded a flight to Milwaukee, and while on the flight, noticed an Arab man acting very suspicious, he kept looking at a little device in his shirt pocket. She became so nervous she had to ask him what he was doing, he then snapped at her "mind your own business woman". She was still very nervous, and this was in late 2000,but she insisted he be questioned about what was in his pocket. Turns out it was a timer, apparently he was timing the stewards, to see when they came to deliver snacks and drinks. He was questioned after she made a fuss, and he explained he was just stressed out from work, and was timing his flight, he had somewhere else to go. Several months later, 9/11 happened, and she was watching the the news, the 19 hijackers were shown, and she noticed one of them. She immediately called the FBI. Sure enough, he had been on her flight that day, and was one of the men that died on that flight that crash landed in Penn.

I feel we were not protected by our government, and this silly "wall" between the agencies had much to do with it. If only someone had taken her seriously, if our government had taken it seriously, we may be a much different country today.
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