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Congressional dems should put up, or shut up!

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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Everyday in the news its always some damndable bit of non-sense coming out of their mouths via the media about either President Bush, ..or one of his aids, or appointed cabinent members.

Same crap, ..same faces from the Howard Dean's, the Harry Reid's, the Ted kennedy's, the Dick Durbin's, the Barbara Boxer's, & the Chuckie Schumer's.

Same stories..Bush lied about the war in Iraq, Bush not protecting the troops, Bush spying on American citizens, Bush destroying everybody's civil rights, Bush hijacking the courts, Bush is a racist, Bush approves of torture, & even the latest crapola from the extreme left: Bush building "Death camps"...& on & on it goes!!

If the democrats in Congress HAVE the GOODS to IMPEACH Mr. Bush, ..then let them put up, or shut the hell up. They KNOW they have NOTHING, in spite of every effort they have instituted in trying to smear him, criminalize him & his aids & cabinent members.

Who in the hell can even find the democratic party leadership even believable anymore; .."the sky is falling" routine is getting very old for the democrats who insist on thinking that they are gaining political ground when in fact they are making themselves look like fools who are basically impotent, & simply see Bush as the symbol of their defeats.

..And ALWAYS making an issue out of the holy grail of the democratic party, "People are losing their civil rights", ..yet there is not one innocent person who has demonstrated that they have lost their civil rights, or been discriminated against, or been personnally victimized by Mr. Bush, or his policies.

Scare tactics, & fear glore perpretrated by the democratic party, & spread by their friends in the media!

Bush has an obligation to protect the american citizens, & those democrats who keep saying that Bush is breaking the law are complete fools as his authority as ANY president would have gives Bush the LEGAL right to monitor ANYBODY's phone calls who may be deemed a threat, ..& MOST Americans agree.

Is it any wonder the democratic party keeps losing elections, & will most likely lose again in 08'?;)

Its nothing except "sour grapes" for the democratic party leadership. Since THEY cannot have one of their own in the whitehouse due to their own incompetency, ..they are doing their damndest to try to wreck Bush's presidency, ..& most Americans can easilly see this!
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