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congress investigates FEMA and Katrina


Sep 26, 2005
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New England
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Mike brown goes to congress today. He says L.A. is disfunctional. He also says fema is not first responders. He also said he resigned after personal; attacks. CT. senater Chris shays puts him in the hot seat.

He says the one regret is tha he couldn't get the Gov. and Mayor to see eye to eye.

C-span- this morning

You know I never believed it was his fault. But still I believe he has problems.;)
He's a coward. He knows he messed up and hes trying to place the blame on other people now.

Its almost as if the Bush appointed him and just assumed that nothing really bad would happen. So of course when there is a big hurricane he has no idea what hes doing and people died because of it.
He is still on the payroll. He gets to investigate FEMA's actions during Katrina now. :rofl
I am going to wait and reserve judgement till after I hear Nagin and Blanco. They have a lot of explaining to so themselves. what don't like is how he is getting paid to investigate himself.
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