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I have once and still do champion a life where I live the way I want to live, however I chose to live, since I believe I have the right to do so. I used to not care about politics or economics because I didn't care about liars and greedy creatures. I didn't want any part of it.

Maturing, I still hold these views of mines even more so than before. What has changed, however, is that I am now aware that in order to live a life as freely as I possibly can, I must watch those forces that exist and have been placed above me which have the power and ability to take my freedom away.

I must, in my freedom, become my own sentry against the incursion of the government, the incursion of the market, and any other force or scheme which seeks to undermine me. In essence, nothing has changed. It is still the law of the jungle...full of predators and devious traps. Except...I am no longer free. Life, now, is about finding the courage to really, actually, be free.
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