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Yesterday 12-6-12 I emailed my reps(one Jim demint had just resigned) and the Pres. to suggest a step that might give each side a little wiggle room with the citizens that are tired of watching political ping pong with our tax money.Where I live I could do very well on $250,000. I moved from L.I. 35 yrs. ago because I couldn't afford the high cost of living.The number 250k was what Obama called the middle class. Actually their are many places in the US where raising a family would just be sufficient with that amount.I think they should come up with a new number, $500,000 to maybe$750,000 as the number between Middle class and wealthy. Leave those below that level without tax increases for now and maybe they could begin working on cuts(that will be fun) At least dems. and Rep. could feel they have gotten some of what they were looking for amd us po boys would feel like they are doing something. I have forgotten what it feels like to be in such a great nation and be proud of it. This govt. is an embarresment.
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