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comander and Cheif


Sep 26, 2005
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New England
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I watched Tuesday night and again last night the new show Comander and cheif with Geena davis. geena davis has become the first women president, after the president dies of anorism in his brain. But the twist is that he did not want her to become president. Just before he dies he askes her to resign , that basically he only asked her after to VP for the women vote. Donald sutherland also plays as speaker of the house. He wanted the job. she is also the first Idependent to be president. Let's see how it works out.:smile:
I think was real good. cannot wait till tomorrow nights epsode.
Bah, the storyline from the commercials seem like a mass public ploy to lead the way for Hillary to get elected.

But, if it's good drama for drama sake might have to take a gander.
The plot line is perposterous, he scence with the joint chiefs, of her ordering carrier fleets around without asking the CJC for his suggestions first was absurd. Don't count on it even being another West Wing. Too bad they didn't make it about a woman who really made it on her own standing instead of a fluke.
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