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Column: College kid beats back the Chicago machine and Boss Madigan blinks


Educating the Ignorant
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Dec 19, 2008
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“And that’s where the fraud comes in, that’s where the felonies come in,” Dorf said. “Almost 2,800 affidavits were filed. But only 1,726 people signed petitions for Krupa. And of the 2,800 affidavits, the 13th Ward could only find 187 signatures that matched.

Subtract 187 from 2,796 and you get 2,609 — that’s a lot of possible felonies, either perjury or voter intimidation.

...Well, they took 2,800 affidavits, threw them against the wall and found that only 187 stuck.”

Dorf thinks Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx should investigate. She sat with the Tribune Editorial Board the other day...

“This is an intriguing story,” Foxx told other board members. “We’re eager for the conversation.” She said she’d typically partner with some other agency to investigate. “I just can’t have John’s column.”

I’m flattered that she reads me. But she doesn’t need my column. All she’s got to do is pick up the phone, call the elections board and tell them to send the documents over.

“Or she can come here and get them,” said a board official. “They’ve been waiting for her for more than a week.”


Chicago corruption at work... Interesting. Hopefully there will be a lot of felonious scalps taken.
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