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Colbert runs in S.C. primary as Herman Cain

One male is too late to get on the ballot. Another man is represented on it, but has ended his campaign. How can this work out for both? Friday afternoon, comic Stephen Colbert and previous GOP candidate Herman Cain will appear together before a South Carolina crowd and attempt to convince them that a vote for Cain is a vote for Colbert. Article source: Stephen Colbert runs in S.C. primary as Herman Cain

'The Rock Me Like a Herman Cain' rally

Colbert has pointed out that he would consider a bid for the Republican presidential nomination although he was far too late to get on the South Carolina ballot. “The Colbert Report” host and South Carolina native will be suggesting that a vote for Cain is a sign of a “hunger for a Stephen Colbert campaign” at the “The Rock Me Like a Herman Cain” rally that will be held Friday at 1 p.m. That is just one day before the primary begins.

Colbert stated:

“How much more of an outsider can you be? He’s not even running.”​

What does hunger mean?

A Marist poll on Thursday showed there is some "hunger" for a Colbert campaign in South Carolina. About 18 percent of potential Republican primary voters said they were somewhat likely to vote for Colbert. Over half also said there was no possibility they would vote for him.

Cain finds it funny

Herman Cain talked with Fox News and said:

“On Stephen Colbert’s endorsement of himself as Herman Cain, I find it very clever and humorous, as it should be. Anyone who finds what Mr. Colbert is doing offensive should simply lighten up. ... To be perfectly clear, I will not be assuming Stephen Colbert’s identity. We are very different when it comes to the color of our - hair.”​

A Television ad

There have been South Carolina TV ads backed by the Super PAC Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow group, one of which shows a picture of Colbert but tells individuals to vote for Cain. The poll was also supported by the group.

Financials of the campaign

Colbert started his Super PAC in June and handed the reins over to fellow Comedy Central host John Stewart last week. Both Colbert's show and Stewart's "The Daily Show" have gotten considerable mileage out of the Super PAC, using it as a springboard to parody and bring attention to brand new campaign financing laws. The comedians are suggesting that the brand new laws allow Super PACs to raise unlimited funds and disperse them with very little disclosure.

The University of South Carolina’s associate political science professor Mark Tompkins said:

“On the one hand he’s just having a good time, but on the other he’s engaged in pretty serious satire of the state of campaign finance. It’s more than just fun.”​


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