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CNN Wages War Against GOP After ObamaCare Vote


May 11, 2013
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by John Nolte
21 Sep 2013

Watching CNN after the House voted to defund ObamaCare and keep the government running was like watching "Democrat TV: Live." As though they had agreed to every possible Democrat talking point, The Least Trustworthy Name In News immediately savaged Republicans as "radicals," "inmates running the asylum," and a political party that was holding the American economy "for ransom."

To make matters worse, from my own personal viewing, it seemed to take more than two hours for anyone at CNN to bother to inform their viewers of the news that, while the GOP had voted to defund ObamaCare, the House had also voted to keep the government running. But the crucial piece of contextual information about voting to keep the government running seemed to be information inconvenient to the left-wing network's determined push to aid Obama and the Democrat Party.



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CNN Wages War Against GOP After ObamaCare Vote

You would think that with all the biased misinformation that CNN has previously reported that they would at least for one time they'd report the truth. Congress had voted to keep the government running and had voted to Defund ObamaCare.
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