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Clown-masked robbers armed with machete get beaten down by scooter-wielding grandma:


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Oct 18, 2007
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A Houston-area grandmother and her husband beat down a pair of alleged robbers wearing clown masks and armed with a machete by using a kids scooter, reports said.Aretha Cardinal and her husband, Joseph Nelson, were sitting in a parked truck outside their Texas City home in the early hours of Feb. 1. They were approached by two men dressed in clown masks who demanded cash.

"I'm sitting here talking to my wife and the next thing I know, when I look up, I see somebody running towards me with this white clown mask on and a machete," Nelson told Houston’s KTRK-TV. “He reached his hand through the window, put it on my throat like this and I'm like, 'Dude, you serious, you trying to rob me with a machete?'"

This story made me laugh out loud.

ROCK ON Me-Maw and Pee-Paw.

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