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Clinton aides blame loss on everything but themselves


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Feb 26, 2014
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Read this last night and thought it was an interesting look at the Hillary campaign and some of their potential missteps and issues:

Sexism. The media. James Comey.

On a call with surrogates Thursday afternoon, top advisers John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri pinned blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss on a host of uncontrollable headwinds that ultimately felled a well-run campaign that executed a sensible strategy, and a soldier of a candidate who appealed to the broadest coalition of voters in the country.

They shot down questions about whether they should have run a more populist campaign with a greater appeal to angry white voters, pointing to exit polls that showed Clinton beat Trump on the issue of the economy. They explained that internal polling from May showed that attacking Trump on the issue of temperament was a more effective message.

They offered no apology for the unexpected loss.
Clinton aides blame loss on everything but themselves - POLITICO

It's sad and says a lot too how they are still trying to blame everyone and thing else instead of looking inward and maybe, just maybe, realizing they put up a terrible candidate with a record and message that didn't resonate with a large swath of America. Yes, considering the political landscape has (and ended up being) about change...again, it wasn't entirely Hillary's fault but seems Bill was right that you need to reach out to "the sticks," and not just try to wage a winning campaign on urban centers.
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