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Cleanup operation in Belarus



There is nothing changes in some countries. Presidential election is coming in Belarus. And as usual Lukashenko gets rid of rivals in advance. In 2001 Lukashenko’s mongrels confiscated computers and computer equipment from independent centers and independent newspapers’ desks pretending Inland Revenue inspectors and kidnapped opposition activists. Now it is really scaring to live in Minsk and in other Belarus metropolises. You never know if you would end up in some kind of infighting between unions of “Poles” and opposition organizations. Notably that ‘Poles’ always have got some heavy threatening things like bats or truncheons with them. So that other signs of coming election seem insignificant against the background of so global trash. Opposition publishers are deprived of license. – That’s expectable.Lukashenko signed up the decree about obligatory registration of all Belarus news sites. After that all Belarus opposition and independent sites have been closed. – We’ve got used to that! Remember “Vitebski curier” closed in 2006. I understand that “Bat’ka” wants to nip opposition protests before election in the bud. Then he would be able to win “honest” election. But such rude cleanups are mean at least. And they show Lukashenko’s growing uncertainty of his political position.
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