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Civil War? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 14, 2005
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The aftermath of the bombing of the historic goldern-domed Mosque has been quick and violent. Shiites and Sunis are attacking and burning each other's mosques. Clerics on both sides have been kidnapped and killed. The country is arguably at the brink of civil war.....and the 'Islamic devil', the leader of Iran, is cheering it on from the sidelines.

Today it was reported that the Iranian President is claiming that the bombing of the initial mosque as well as the current violence is the fault of the U.S. and Israel. He talks about it with the same passion and 'love' a pyromaniac has in talking about fire and the latest house he has set ablaze! As well he should, after all, this is he and his country's doing!

Even before we went sent the 1st wave of troops into Iraq, our Special ops guys were reporting about the great number of Iranian Special Ops guys infiltrating the country. They have been behind the insurgency, manning and funding much of it. They tried to influence the elections, even sending in truckloads of illegal/forged ballots that were intercepted. they have attacked troops but have reduced that effort because of our resolve.

Jordan sought to assist the U.S. in helping Iraq, and Zarqawi targeted a Jordanian wedding in a luxurious hotel, killing many Muslims in the attack. He swore for the longest time that he was at war with Americans and did not want to kill fellow muslims, yet he and Iran have attacked Iraqis, killing the men who have volunteered as soldiers and policemen as well as targeting Iraqi - Muslim - women and children. That only led to the Iraqis solidifying their resolve to fight on and create their new Democracy.

NOW they target the delicate religeous balance/divide in Iraq! This whol charade has proved what a LIAR Zarqawi is! He cares NOTHING about Muslims, as he has killed them and now even helps to destroy Islamic Mosques, attacking the very faith he says he is fighting for! Muhammed was a man of peace, and the terrorists are making his teachings a mockery! They kill whoever does not agree with them, Infidels and Muslims alike! now they are targeting Mosques, inciting violence of Muslim-against-Muslims. Much like out Party-1st/Americans-2nd politics back home, Zarqawi is all about Al Qaeda-1st/Muslim 2nd, and beside him stands a monster (the Iranian President) who has declared that he believes the Muslim equivalent to Jesus is returning to the world in 2 years, to be ushered in with a cataclysmic event (which many believe he means to be the NUKING of Israel).

Control needs to be regained to stem the violence, or at least to refocus it back to where it belongs - against Zarqawi/the insurgents and Iran! This is the biggest threat we have faced yet in regards to losing the war in Iraq. If full-scale civil war breaks out, as the insurgents and Iran hopes, we will be forced to pull out. the Iraqis will then find themselves at the mercy of Iranian influence/covert invasion and terrorist insurgents like Zarqawi!
Need more oproof this Civil War is being pushed by insurgents and Iran?

The report just came out that 41 Iraqis, Shia's and Sunis who were returning from a Peace rally advocating peace in light of the attacks on Mosques and for blaming insurgents, were murdered! The report says they were followed from the rally and attacked at another location!

The last thing the insurgents and Iranians want is anyone calling for calm heads and pointing fingers at the insurgency and Iranians instead of at each other!
There's a LOT more to a "civil war" than what's going on in Iraq.

If not, then there's been a "civil war" in Iraq since June 2004 (at latest) and so there's nothing new here.
Didn't say Iraq was in the midst of a civil war yet...but getting closer to the brink.
easyt65 said:
Didn't say Iraq was in the midst of a civil war yet...but getting closer to the brink.

you know what's retarded? The fact that they're blaiming us for the bombings
Goobieman said:
There's a LOT more to a "civil war" than what's going on in Iraq.

If not, then there's been a "civil war" in Iraq since June 2004 (at latest) and so there's nothing new here.
I think it goes back even further. The tension has always been there, Saddam just kept better control of it. It's something that has been brewing for a long time.
FinnMacCool said:
If what's going on over there is NOT a civil war, it's a very good impression of one.

Its not a war yet...This is just foreplay......
cherokee said:
Its not a war yet...This is just foreplay......

I think this whole civil war thing is just another example of how different the west and the middle east are from one another. It's just proof that we shouldn't meddle in their politics. They do things there way. We do things ours. They're ungreateful of democracy, so we shouldn't waste lives trying. We got Saddam, so we should concentrate on Osama. This war is becoming to costly and if we are to continue, we should really revamp our stratedgy.

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