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Church of England, no C-o-Pedo

Tim the plumber

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Jan 3, 2014
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But what the latest documents reveal is far more egregious: it seems that by early 1993, when George Carey was telling Gloucester police that the Todd allegation was "most unrepresentative" of Ball's style, the Church of England was aware of no fewer than six other allegations against Ball. And yet extraordinarily, none of these were shared with prosecuting authorities who were investigating the Todd offence. Indeed the Church of England kept that information under wraps until 2012, when a child protection investigator decided that it needed to be disclosed to the authorities. And despite the allegations against him, following his caution Ball was allowed to continue to officiate at Church of England services - putting other children and vulnerable adults at risk.

National Secular Society - Church documents expose an even bigger cover-up than suspected in the Peter Ball case

The least religious church on the planet still manages to be a society for the protection of child abusers.
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