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CHURCH OF ENGLAND: homos can marry but no sex


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May 31, 2005
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By: J. Grant Swank, Jr.
RightConservative.com 05-31-05

Talk about apostasy taking itself into the twilight zone of lunacy.

Furthermore, talk about the so-called high hat churchly intelligence going dumb dumber and dumbest.

Now, according to the Church of England, homosexuals may wed one another but must promise to refrain from having sexual relations. In other words, "married" men to men and women to women will be recognized by the ecclesiastics if they don’t share sexual experiences.

No touch. No feel. No sex.

Of course, as the world knows, homosexuals enter into their trysts in order to have sex. That’s the prime point of it all. And scores of homosexuals have hundreds — some thousands — of trysts over a lifetime. Therefore, to commit one’s sex drive to celibacy in order to satisfy the Anglican Communion is the height of naivete mixed with crazy head.

Yet that’s exactly what the Church of England’s leadership, Rowan Williams in particular, has pronounced as gospel good. The Archbishop of Canterbury has come out to the press with this nonsense, baptizing it as legitimate logic as well as sound theology.

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