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Christ was not a Jew!


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Dec 14, 2005
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The book 'Christ was not a Jew' by Jacob Elon Conner, AB., Ph.D. goes into deeper analysis then you'll find from me here.

In a word, Christ as the son of Man was a Galilean, and the Galileans were not Jews.

A minister speaking to his congregation regarding Abraham, stated that Abraham was a Jew. On the way out a member told him that he enjoyed his sermon, but that he had misinformed his congregation by telling them that Abraham was a Jew, which he was not.

Minister: Why wasn't Abraham a Jew?

Member: I will answer your question by asking you a question--Why wasn't Abraham a Canadian?

Minister: Well, there weren't any Canadians in Abraham's time.

Member: That is exactly why Abraham wasn't a Jew. There weren't any Jews in Abraham's time.

If you will read your Bible carefully, you will see that the word Jew isn't mentioned until 2nd Kings--long after Abraham's time.

good argument abotu Abraham, but are you seriously saying that the people who believed in Genesis at the time those stories were told ARNT Jewish?

if you are, then you are referring to HENOTHEISM, which is known throughout the OT, before MONOTHEISM fully evovled.

henotheism: Belief in one god without denying the existence of others.
Christ was a Jew. Both His parents were decendents of King David, a Jew.

As for the Abraham discussion, he could be considered a Jew since he was the father of the Jewish race, but he could also not be considered a Jew, since he was also the father of the Arabs.
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