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Chola Bus Fight w/ VIDEO!

The Giant Noodle

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Mar 22, 2010
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Northern Illinois
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Classy ladies! At least they spoke English! :roll:

And here's the latest episode in the ongoing "Foolery on Public Transportation" series. If this went down on the free Ontario Mills Shuttle bus in CA, I'd have to get on the phone with some of my chola cousins to tell them to calm down because they are mothers now! But this mess happened on a bus in San Antonio, Texas.
I'm not exactly sure what made chola mommy's exquisite Sharpie brows melt in anger, but she settled it with a punch to the face while holding her baby! And she continues to hold on her baby while beating some ass. This is the art of multi-tasking.
Bitch is making war with one arm, while making motherly love with the other! And I bet her burgundy lipstick (with black lip liner) didn't even smudge. Somebody hand her a "Smile Now, Cry Later" trophy for Chola Mother of the Year. It will look good on the mantel next to her summons from CPS.
They should teach this at Mommy and Me.
Source: WOAI via YT (Thanks Hexie)
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