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China overtakes the US as Brazil's largest trading partner

Oct 11, 2009
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This was just a news from the last year, as china took over the US as Brazil's largest trading partner.

Brazilian Economy Grows as Trade With China Increases

Unlike many other nations that saw their economies shrink during the global recession, Brazil emerged relatively unscathed. And according to government figures there, Brazil will see a seven percent increase this year. Some analysts say this growth has been fueled by increased exports to China, now Brazil's largest trading partner. But other observers say the current exports will not empower Brazil in the long run.

Brazil made it through the global economic crisis relatively unaffected for two reasons, says Sergio Amaral, a long time official in Brazil's foreign ministry. He says one is because of government loans that kept domestic production levels up.

"And the second point is that I think China played an important role because China is now our first trading partner and China has been expanding its imports from Brazil," Amaral said.

Brazilian Economy Grows as Trade With China Increases | Americas | English

Since than china growed at 10.7% over a year.

In the last year Airbus opened a new factory in china.

Airbus Planes Built In China May Mean Trouble For Europe

The first A320 stamped “Made in China” has rolled out of the factory Airbus opened in Tianjin. It is the first time a major manufacturer has fully assembled an airliner in China, a major landmark for the country’s rapidly growing aviation industry.

Hoping to satiate China’s voracious appetite for passenger airplanes, production at the factory, pictured above and called the Final Assembly Line, will rise to four aircraft a month by the end of 2011, Airbus said.

“Our Final Assembly Line here in Tianjin and this first aircraft delivery outside Europe mark an important milestone in our strategic long-term partnership with China and the Chinese industry,” Tom Enders, Airbus president and CEO, said in a statement. “This FAL is state of the art, second to none in the world. And so are the aircraft manufactured here in Tianjin.”

Read More Airbus Planes Built In China May Mean Trouble For Europe | Autopia | Wired.com

The ship industry in europe an the US is shrinking, while china is growing rapidly.

China's shipbuilding industry leads the world

China leads the world in shipbuilding, according to the latest statistics released on the official Web site of the China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry.

In the first half of 2010, China's shipbuilding capacity, the number of new orders and the volume of backlog orders accounted for about 41 percent, 46 percent and 38 percent of the world market, respectively.

The accomplishments of China's shipbuilding industry has drawn worldwide attention

In the first half of 2010, China's shipbuilding enterprises completed and exported 24.3 million deadweight tons, accounting for 82 percent of the total shipbuilding capacity, and the volume of new overseas orders reached about 16.4 million deadweight tons, accounting for 69 percent of the total volume of new orders.

China's shipbuilding industry leads the world - People's Daily Online

It is absolutely amazing how china operates. Its always the same old trick, like with airbus or the high-speed monorail. The technology transfer is one big issue.

Japan dilemma as economic dependence on China grows

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's growing dependence on China for growth grates with concerns over its expanding military reach, deepening a dilemma over how to engage with its giant neighbour even as the two trade places in economic rankings.

But while the interdependence raises the risks for the world's second- and third-biggest economies if relations sour, it also boosts incentives to keep ties on track.

"It raises the stakes," said Jeffrey Kingston, director of Asian studies at Temple University's Tokyo campus.

"But ... Japan has a clear interest in developing better political and diplomatic relations precisely because of the greater economic interdependence."

News that China had surpassed Japan as the world's second-biggest economy in the second quarter grabbed global headlines in August, underscoring China's rise and deepening pessimism over whether Japan can even keep third place.

Japan dilemma as economic dependence on China grows

This is the end of the western-dominated world. A higher unemployment rate in europe and the U.S. could be the result in the next decades.
I wouldn't call China's growth stable, even if it is impressive. Their environment is on the brink of collapse and their rising middle class is not ensured its status in the coming decades. Furthermore, China is filled with crony capitalism and corruption. Corners get cut all the time. In the summer I was visiting Shanghai, and an entire building collapsed because government inspectors got paid off and proper safety was not ensured. Fortunately it wasn't occupied yet, but it was going to be in less than two months. That story never made international news.

Also, the people there will expect human rights eventually. There are a lot of unresolved grievances toward government and people's lives are really being rearranged, often just to benefit someone else. So yeah, China is growing fast but there are serious unaddressed issues that could easily topple the entire house of cards.
-- So yeah, China is growing fast but there are serious unaddressed issues that could easily topple the entire house of cards.

With the amount of US and EU debt that China owns, I think they can cushion and evolve around such problems. I understand what you're saying about the problems but a country that can build an entire city the size of Birmingham (UK) in 10 years - a work colleague went to visit it 3 years ago - is not going to be toppled so easily.
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