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China is improving its Foreign and Diplomatic involvement in Global Affairs


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Sep 2, 2010
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Over the past few years it was delt that China was maintaining a low profile as far as international issues are concerned. However a significant change is visible in their military and foreign policy paradigm.
In the year 2009, China made intensive efforts to improve foreign diplomatic posture. China conducted joint military exercises with Russia, Romania, Gabon and Mangolia. The Chinese navy cooperated with coastal countries and establishes safety and escort setups in the Gulf of Aden. It also assisted these countries in coastal legal matters.
On the celebratins of 60th anniversary of the founding of new capital a large number of foreign representatives and their military contingents were invited who performed many shows and demonstrations.
China also conducted a meeting with nine units of foreign media teams in order to improve the working of military press release system og Chinese defense ministry. The Chinese also launched their defense website on trial basis..
All such ventures have helped the Chinese to improve thir image abroad. The coming years are likely to see more enhanced involvement of China in issues that effect global peace.

Light of Peace: China's Military Diplomacy made Important Achievements in 2009.
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