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China deliberately infected the USA (1 Viewer)

And Democrats know all about it.


Trump ****ed our response up by trying to wish it away while downplaying it.

Does not matter one whit where it originated. Same SOP for any virus.

We did not even try to follow it.

Not enough of our adults...are.
:lol: A song comes to mind when I think of the Trump campaign.


NO, NO, NO. Not only no, but hell no. That is a great song. I have been privileged to play that song in a bunch of bars in several countries. It has no place in this clusterf***k. It isn't even close to applicable. The song is about a man who finds his life best lived alone, but wants something more but doesn't know how to achieve balance. Try something different. Like Highway to Hell.
Tucker Carlson is practically begging for his Medal of Freedom.
ct bull****. must deflect for Tweety.
Looks like this is funded by our friend, Steve Bannon along with the anti-China "exiled Chinese billionaire"

======================== QUOTE ========================
... study purporting to show that the novel coronavirus was manufactured in a Chinese lab was published by a pair of nonprofit groups linked to Steve Bannon ...

The study is the work of the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation, sister nonprofit organizations that Bannon was instrumental in creating. According to documents posted on the Society’s website last year, he served as that group’s chair.


A search of Google Scholar and the Rule of Law Society and Rule of Law Foundation websites indicates that the organizations have not previously published scientific or medical research, and it’s unclear whether the paper received any peer review. It was posted on Monday on the website Zenodo, a publicly available repository of scientific and academic research to which anyone can upload their work.

Both of the nonprofits behind the study were formed in conjunction with exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, with whom Bannon has collaborated on a number of advocacy efforts targeting the Chinese government and business endeavors that have drawn the scrutiny of federal law enforcement officials.

In addition to their work on the Rule of Law nonprofits, Bannon and Guo have also collaborated on a news website, G News, that has published stories suggesting that the coronavirus was manufactured by the Chinese military.

======================== end of QUOTE ========================
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And Democrats know all about it.

I've suspected the virus was man-made since March. I don't find it even slightly plausible that the Chinese government released it on purpose.
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The same liars here are the same liars about Biden being a pedophile. Only one fat lying fool calls it the china virus.
And Democrats know all about it.

So let me get this straight: this was all done to infect Americans? Not the Chinese first, along with the rest of the world? Just Americans?
This is about as credible as the "CIA did it" that is spread on Russian and Chinese social media.
Or the dumbass "theory" that it's spread by 5G.
Or the ridiculous idea that the Jews are behind that Neo- Nazis are spreading.

I get it, everyone wants then thing they don't like to be guilty. Still friggin ridiculous.
:lol: A song comes to mind when I think of the Trump campaign.


How did the subject of this thread come to be Donald Trump (as it always seems to)?
Most of the posters in this thread (there are, thankfully, a few exceptions) appear to wish to stultify Tucker Carlson and his guest. They cannot actually refute what she had to say; so they resort, instead, to mere ridicule. (It is, after all, the Saul Alinsky method.)

To digress a bit: If it can actually be proven--not just suspected, but proven--that the Chinese government developed a bio-weapon and unleashed it upon the West (perhaps as retaliation for our sanctions placed upon them--or for any other reason), it would amount to an act of war. And an appropriate response, I think, would be our sending conventional missiles their way. (No, not nuclear missiles--that would probably be a step too far--but conventional ones, anyway.)

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