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Chicago: 6 Dead, 63 Wounded In Memorial Day Weekend Shootings

Apr 7, 2016
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Palatine, IL
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Very Conservative
No...you get a healthy dose of laughter.
Why did they die?

--Because they were shot.

Who shot them?

--A scumbag.

Why did the scumbag shoot him?

--Because he is a corrupt thug that doesnt value life and glorifies gang and drug cultures.

But isnt he also from a poverty stricken area?

--Sure...and so are many others that dont choose that path.

Well...I still think its societies fault....

--Yeah...no surprise there....

OK, so what you are going to do about it with all that wisdom? Say boo to them? How about going to the 11th Precinct to tell them how smart you are?

Don't forget to tell the gang bangers that if they are nice, everybody else will be nice.

Or scare them straight.
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