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Chemical Weapons Watchdog Says Examining Navalny Samples (1 Viewer)

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Apr 18, 2013
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Chemical Weapons Watchdog Says Examining Navalny Samples


The global chemical weapons watchdog confirmed Thursday that it had sent experts to Germany to collect samples from Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and that results of tests for Novichok poisoning were "forthcoming." Berlin had formally requested its "technical assistance" over Navalny's alleged poisoning, the Hague-based Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said. The West says Kremlin critic Navalny, who is being treated in a Berlin hospital, was poisoned with Novichok and has pushed Russia to shed light on the incident. Moscow denies all involvement. "A team of experts from the (OPCW's) Technical Secretariat independently collected biomedical samples from Mr. Navalny for analysis by OPCW designated laboratories," the OPCW said in a statement. "Results of this analysis are forthcoming and will be shared with the German authorities." OPCW chief Fernando Arias earlier this month voiced "grave concern" over the Navalny incident.

Germany said on Monday that labs in France and Sweden had confirmed its own finding that the banned weapons-grade substance was used, but that it was awaiting the OPCW's evaluation. The Navalny case threatens to cause fresh tensions at the toxic arms watchdog. Germany could ask the OPCW to use its recently acquired mandate to attribute blame for chemical attacks — powers that Russia and its allies have bitterly opposed. Until OPCW member states voted to give the body the new powers in 2018, it was only able to say whether chemical weapons had been used, but not by whom. Britain drafted in the OPCW for "technical assistance" after former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with Novichok in the city of Salisbury in 2018, but that was before it had the new powers.

Russia itself is a member of the OPCW, and can't credibly claim that Navalny test results are skewered by Western powers.

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On the left-the british collect samples of the old "novichok", on the right - employees of the Navalny anti-corruption Fund collect samples of the new, fashionable (as people say, better)"novichok".

And this is a brand new Russian nuclear submarine....

The Germans offer Navalny to stay in Germany, explaining this by his safety. "You will live in the bunker, on the ground floor, the second Skrypals occupy". Navalny agreed. At night, Navalny comes to the second floor, approaches the sleeping Skripal and says: "So, bitch, you thought we wouldn't get you".
☢ More radioactive bs from this poster.
By the way, who even knows that Navalny was in a coma all this time, and did not wake up on arrival in Germany and ate bavarian sausages all this time, washing down with beer?
Navalny give a photo from the "Charité" clinic. Oh, a jar of cigarette butts! Of course, after a month-long coma, the resuscitation patient immediately needs to smoke. Right in the room (well, on the balcony, what's the difference). Questions about the health of the "barely surviving" are growing. It's kind of awkward, Lyosha. Or maybe this isn't the Charite clinic at all?
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:rolleyes: It's not a pic from the hospital. It is a stock pic.

Damn are you dense.
Interesting, the americans watered the vietnamese jungle with "agent orange", which is not even a chemical weapon, but a defoliant. But in addition to direct deaths, sick and crippled children are still being born. And Alexey, poisoned by the most terrible "Novichok" - a couple of weeks in the hospital and healthy! Doctors should create magic medicines based on Navalny's blood.
:rolleyes: More Stalinist bs from this Stalinist source.
In short, Alexey still found a way to go on vacation abroad with the borders closed for quarantine. That's the whole conspiracy theory.
:rolleyes: More Stalinist bullshit.

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