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Chemical Castration Across The West

Chemical Castration in Alabama is big news across the web. And yet, Alabama is not unique. Poland has compulsory chemical castration for child predators. The Czech Republic allows for voluntary surgical castration. Germany allowed surgical castration until relatively recently, and now allows for voluntary chemical castration. While many have the view that chemical castration has negative connotations like in the case of Alan Turing, in the 21st century, chemical castration is largely restricted to pedophiles and those targetting youths under the age of 15. Some would say we've had great progress since the days of Turing, while others would say castration is a brutal human rights violation that must be abolished.

Whatever your stance is, I want to emphasize that this is not an issue of partian politics. Countries both conservative and liberal have supported castration to one degree or another. Finding agreement on this issue requires that we acknowledge this as an issue that must be discussed as a matter of human rights and not as a matter of politics.

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