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Chechen separatists involved into London bombings?



Ruled by mere curiosity I visited yesterday one of web-sites by Chechen separatists - Russian version.

Honestly speaking I was amazed with what I read there as Russian version has nothing in common with that in English in means on content!

E.g., speaking in the name of "American political analyst John Clieves well-known in Arabian world", Chechen propagandists present the idea that terrorist bombings in London were organized by... no other but GB secret service with the knowledge of Tony Blair himself!

In this respect you may ask why so blatant lie?

Why, it's evident! That's a canonical way to shift the responsibility as the Chechens are intentionally distracting public and trying to conceal their part in London bombings. Indeed, there must be some common sense hiding in this as PACE speaker on Chechen issues Andreas Gross pointed out directly in the interview to Radio France International that "exactly Chechen terrorism would be a real threat for Europeans"......
It´s only for publicity. Everyone has forgotten that there are much bigger problems than Iraq. They say so because no-one in this world does not seem to have guts to say a thing to Vladimir Putin. Russians have killed, raped and murdered tens of thousands in Checnya and Europe is concerned what happens in Abu-Graib. That kind of games are played in every army. Chechens have nothing to do with those bombings, and they will not attack on any other country than russia. They are not terrorists, they are freedomfighters. What happened in Theatre? Nutcasearmy puts superheroingas in killing hundreds of own citizens, but hey that´s a little cost for 10 "terrorists". Everytime they have blown it up. How pathetic.Think about millionman army can´t beat couple freedomfighters. 1 Chechen equals 50-100 russians, in both fighting skills and brains. russkije fighting skills are from 2nd WW era. They use similar methods today as Hitler and Mengele 60 years ago. And Chechens will never give up the fight! rossija budjet pazvalivatsa...russia will collapse in pieces.
If your russian is good enough, I would advise to reed protocols of Beslan hearings. It’s really weird but it looks like Chechens do not lie about self-terror in Russia. So, probably they just think that the world is one big Russia (as all post USSR people do). They believe that England attacking itself because Russia do so.
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