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Chechen-run web-source KavkazCenter exculpates al-Qaida's 9/11 tragedy plotter



As it is said in the subject, Chechen-run web portal KavkazCenter.com exculpates al-Q 9/11 tragedy plotter Zacarias Moussaoui who is convicted of planning attack against the White House in September 2001. The court has already proved him guilty but various Chechen web-sources (especially KavkazCentre) are still trying to blanch him over and prove his guiltlessness through numerous articles they publish on the server.

It is particularly remarkable that KavkazCenter got widely known for its support of Chechen separatists, bringing out publications inspiring islamist radicalism in Europe (particularly during last autumn's fire riots in French suburbs and cartoon riots in Denmark and other Moslem countries inciting hatred, vengeance and extremism).

Remarkable fact is that KavkazCenter.com is geographically located in Sweden, and has been functioning since 1999. For all this period Swedish government has not yet taken any steps of closing down the separatist source as though they were covertly supporting its activities. What a shame! Sweden, are you with the rest of civilized world? If YES, why not closing down bastards?
You're saying that the Swedes should shut thee folks down for their words?
Is that about the size of it?
Its just another retarded site.

When it starts calling for killing
non muslims then yes it should be shut down.
cherokee said:
Its just another retarded site.

When it starts calling for killing
non muslims then yes it should be shut down.

It wouldnt be shut down the same way KKK and Nazi sites arent shut down. As long as they're just words the authorities cant do anything about it. Because this all fits under freedom of expression.
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