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Chaves didn’t understand the first American warning!



Venezuela president thinks that having dissociated from the USA he took his country out of America’s interests up to now. Chaves expands his military might, forms useful connections with representatives of axis of evil. And of course all that frightens the USA. Washington knows that it got a new unstable district close by. In it’s turn Chaves thinks that he has achieved all it by himself, with his charisma and other foolery. In actual fact Americans just were bogged down in Near East and only loosened their grip.
In this connection Chaves allows hard pronouncement for himself about Washington’s policy but Americans have started their movement forward to Venezuela’s side! Recent Parliamentary elections showed Chaves that he has some troubles but he doesn’t understand this American cue. It’s a pity. I think that some wrong steps of Chaves and Washington could move to active actions phase! The researching of atom for peace can turn to the end of Chaves epoch! Unfortunately Chaves don’t understand that this policy could provoke US’ attack!
The US is not going to attack Venezuela. Ok?

Stop it.
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Why on God's green Earth would we want to attack Venezuela?

The lefties are already whining because we're still in Afghanistan, and don't have ALL troops out of Iraq yet. And I'm sure Obama would like to run for a second term. NOT a snowballs chance in Hell that we attack them.
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