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Chase Hospitality to Add 25 Percent Veg Options Across Menus

Feb 20, 2016
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he Toronto, Canada-based hospitality group plans to transform the menus of their five popular restaurant holdings to include more vegan options.

Canadian restaurant group Chase Hospitality recently announced that it will overhaul its restaurant menus so that each includes at least 25 percent plant-based options. The group’s current holdings include mostly seafood-based restaurants in the Toronto area, namely The Chase, The Chase Fish & Oyster, Colette Grand Café, Kasa Moto, and Little Fin. New vegan menu options will include Pesto Spaghettoni, Spicy Cauliflower, and a L’Hamburger Vegétérian—a burger that features a quinoa and mushroom patty, maple mustard glaze, brown rice, and coco beans.

Chase Hospitality to Add 25 Percent Veg Options Across Menus
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