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Charlie Rangel: Fire Your Best Shot

The Prof

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Jul 26, 2009
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Charlie Rangel: 'Fire your best shot' - Jonathan Allen and Maggie Haberman - POLITICO.com

It’s all about Charlie Rangel now.

Standing alone in the well of the House chamber, silver-black hair combed back, handkerchief protruding from his left breast pocket, the 80-year-old New York Democrat claimed special privilege Tuesday afternoon to deliver a rambling, half-hour oration with a simple motif: He doesn’t owe it to anyone to put their interests above his.

Not the president, not his Democratic colleagues, not his leadership and certainly not an ethics committee that has accused him of 13 counts of breaking House rules and federal regulations governing the behavior of lawmakers.

“You’re not going to tell me to resign to make you feel comfortable,” the 40-year House veteran scolded as he asserted his right to a fair and speedy ethics trial. “If I can’t get my dignity back here, then fire your best shot and get rid of me through expulsion.”

It was the most compelling and dramatic moment of a scandal that has bludgeoned Rangel’s reputation, his treasury and his spirit for more than two years — and one that already has cost him the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee. The speech mortified some of his colleagues and upset Democratic leaders.
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Re: Rangel: Fire Your Best Shot

Some comments:

1. Wow!

2. Political BOMBSHELL!

3. Thirty seven minute rant on Nancy's cheap blue carpet.

4. What the hell's he doing---the consensus reaction.

5. MSNBC aired the entire grand guignol.

6. Charlie, the most corrupt character currently occupying the Capitol, decades long chair of Ways and Means, the most powerful panel in DC, the tax WRITER who doesn't PAY, aint goin nowhere.

7. Nancy's ethics committee is racist.

8. Ask Ms Waters.

9. Ask the CBC.

10. Here we go!

11. Pelosi, the palsied speakeress, can't ABSOLVE him.

12. And Charlie aint gonna admit to SQUAT.

13. He cares more about his LEGACY than his PARTY.

14. Who can blame him, after what Obama said?

15. Failure to report a half million dollars of assetts, failure to declare income from Caribbean rental property, use of FOUR rent controlled apartments in Harlem, years of abuse of house parking privileges for that cool collectors Mercedes...

16. Exploitation of congressional letterhead to cadge crass campaign lucre, perpetually the most pesky pea in the princess' pillow.

17. Selling influence for million dollar donations to Charlie Rangel City College, the whopper.

18. Defend THAT.

19. Expose THAT on Cspan.

20. Another Blago.

21. Nancy worriedly wanted all this to go away.

22. She's tried to let him off with a gruff wrap of his grasping wrist---with a feather.

23. Charlie---NO DEAL!

24. Besides, they need ONE Republican on the committee to sign on.

25. Which aint never gonna happen, not after that mendacious midnite meeting between Ms Lofgren and Charlie's lawyers, from which committee Republicans were so discourteously excluded.

26. Pelosi's pinned, no escape.

27. Crucify me, press down your cruel crown of race-hate on my amiable brow, rants the tax writer.

28. Where do I go to get back my dignity, salient slap at the prez.

29. First Reverend Wright, his spritual mentor, and Shirley Sherrod...

30. Now Charlie, and next Maxine...

31. Who's next to be bruised beneath those rubber bumpers of Barry's bus?

32. Perhaps those Journo-Listers and Net Roots partisans, them Gibbs called, "the professional left," who need to be drug tested?

33. When will you see that your frankly unfaithful and fickle friend on Pennsylvania Ave will sacrifice YOU?

34. So we inch toward inquisition, it's inevitable.

35. Pelosi perspires.

36. Swearing in starts September, November nearing.

37. She shoulda DRAINED THAT SWAMP two years ago.

38. Because sludge sitting so long STAINS.

39. Hi profile posterboy for congressional corruption, colored blue, Charlie is expert at attracting ATTENTION, like genuine Narcissus.

40. Voter turnout in used-to-be reliably blue MICHIGAN in last Tuesday's primary was TWO TO ONE red.

41. In MISSOURI, which is never wrong, the most bellwether commonwealth in the union, where offensively anti-Obamacare Measure C was on the ballot, reds outpolled blues 1.8 to one.

42. Proportions unprecedented.

42. Yesterday in crucial COLORADO, which went for Obama, 55 to 45 in 08, turnout was exactly reversed---338,000 enlightened ones participated in the Rocky Mountain plebiscite versus 407,000 neanderthals.

43. And that was with Obama's activity on behalf of Michael Bennet, while Bill Clinton campaigned for Romanoff, who ACCUSED the White House of trying to BRIBE him out of the race, just like Admiral Sestak in Pennsylvania.

44. Indeed, 46% of Mile High dems slated their support for the upstart who suggested the prez was a CROOK.

45. In fact, the LOSER (Jane Norton) in the Republican race outpolled the WINNER, sitting Senator Bennet, in the dem contest, 197,000 to 183,000.

46. And that's all BEFORE Charlie gets to take his turn acting out OJ.

47. Pelosi plays the part of Lance Ito.

48. Charlie Rangel DEFIANT!

49. Maxine Waters CRUCIFIED!

50. What's THAT gonna do to African American animus, base enthusiasm?

51. Perhaps Pelosi now regrets summoning her members back from vacation, after all, to SPEND another 26B of BAILOUT, this time for teachers, with our cadillac public pensions, and this time AT THE EXPENSE of cuts to FOOD STAMPS, even tho FOOD INFLATION is prominent in the economic journals and reliance on SNAP is at an all time hi.

52. But, then, who knew what Charlie would pull?

The Prof
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Hopefully, they will call his bluff and expel him this week. Corruption, as an elected official, should be charged above and beyond the simple charges of individual acts. If an elected official has ethical violations, they should be charged simply because he's an elected official, just like teachers and others face more stringent child abuse/molestation consequences because they are a perosn in a position of trust.
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it's too late, why has he been sitting there so long?

expelling him will cause quite an explosion in the caucus
and ms waters is waiting
He doesn’t owe it to anyone to put their interests above his.

Imagine his ressponse, had someone from the other party said someting similar.
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