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Aug 28, 2005
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Our nation is at a crossroads. We stand between destruction and collapse. It's not the fault of Bush and his "evil cabinet", it's not the fault of the "schemeing liberals", and it is not Al Qaeda. It is us. The people. Our nation as a people is greedy, we need to change.

You might think that all I intend to do is rant and rave and complain about the faults of our society, but that doesn't do any good. The fact is, most of you will probably think nothing of it and throw it away. It is OUR fault we are failing. We complain about things that need to be done to preserve our nation because we all want to be the most important thing in this nation. We have to "tolerate" everyone elses beliefs and everyone elses cultures. That is all well and good to a point. But, when we reach the point where we are as strongly divided as we are now, when we reach the point where instead of uniting as a people, we form tiny little subcultures within ourselves, we face collapse. People need to band together. Instead of arguing and namecalling, we need to work together to find a culture we can all be part of. If you need help, look at your children. Look how easily they get along with eachother, completely oblivious to the fact the outside world is so fraught with danger. They aren't divided, they are all part of the same system, even if that system is school, they know that it is best to stand together. We became a social creature for a reason. We rely on one another. However when you let prejudice and hate and ignorance cloud your judgement, you hurt your society rather than helping it.

Our government is corrupt, we all know it. They have too much power, but that is only because we let them. We allow them the final say and the people that do complain and stand up, the one's that protest are extremists, making it easier for those in power to tear down the legitamacy of the complaints. The fact of the matter is, in respect to Iraq, we did the right thing for the wrong reasons. Their nation as a people were suffering under Saddaam. Even if we only "liberated" the nation for it's oil, it was the right thing to do. Our nation has built a reputation as being the go-to guy of the world. If anyone is in trouble, they turn to us, and we help them. Some nations might complain but it is only because they lack the resolve to do anything other than that. They won't try to be better, won't try to help other nations themselves. Instead they are content with saying our nation is "evil" for trying to aid others in need. The problem is, we, as well as these other countries, need to elect leaders who will do the right thing for the RIGHT reasons. Not corrupt politicians who wish only to advance their own power and greed. This is not just a rant, rather an encouragement. An ecouragement and a plea I am making to everyone, rather than complaining about government to DO something about it. Elect a third party candidate, protest peacefully about the REAL issues, pass this message on, anything to help. It is OUR fault the country is failing, it is OUR fault our government is corrupt, and it is OUR fault that our nation is divided by injustice. There are too many people not willing to sacrifice old customs that are bred of nothing but hate and unite as a people. Whites, blacks, asians, hispanics; each and every one of these comunities has a saying about the other. Something that feeds their hate and their prejudice. Slavery, crime, greed, the thirst for power. These are the sins of our fathers, the acts of hate and injustice that plague our pasts. The fact is, they are just that, the past. We need to unite. We need to change the way we view the world. Instead of looking out for just us, we need to look out for everyone. We are all in this nation together, it is up to ALL of us to make it strong, and keep it strong.
What's up with being a "thread whore"?:confused: :(
I like your enthusiasm, and you make a good point.

I've often thought of what it would be like if we really harked back to what this country first started out as. The revolutionary days. The days when we fought to gain our independance. Man, what a time to be an American...

I really think that there is almost no way to go back to what we were originally intended for. It's been said before by many, but if the forefathers were to come to the states today, they would have a fit. They would see this new King George, and tell us that this is not what they fought to valiantly for.

Thanks to expansion, Manifest Destiny, we have expanded. And we grew strong and fast. The next Roman Empire. We have our hands in everyone's buisiness. We make our products overseas, because it's cheaper, yet Blue Collar Americans can't get a job, while CEO's of Fortune 500 companies sit in their mansions upon the hilltop. Instead, we send those Blue Collar workers to work at Wal Mart, making 9 dollars an hour dealing with the most rediculous people.

Then we have our school systems. We have put so much of an emphasys on entertainment, that we can't even get common people to sit down to a good book anymore. Everything is flashy and cutting edge. Thanks to games and TV, we don't have to use our imaginations, so long as we have someone elses imagination for us. We stagnate on our sofas watching TV, as our mind goes to waste. No one wants to be a teacher anymore. Not if the students they keep sending them are braindead, and have short attention spans.. Wait.. No, ADD, sorry. So, they hep them up on all sorts of drugs and expect them to focus and learn.

Speaking of drugs, we seem to have a lot of them in this country, huh? It seems for every ailment you may have, there is some kind of magically enchanted pill you can take to alieviate it. What I'd like to know is, what ever happened to good old relaxation with a cup of hot tea? It was replaced by the insta-potion, Now in pill form!

And speaking of relaxation, we can't relax anymore. We're way too stressed. When the common person has to work two jobs, just to afford rent, then afford the 200 dollars a week for grocieres, and that's after paying the water bill, electril bill, and taking the kids to soccer practice, while paying for these outrageous gas prices, of course it's going to be stressfull. But there are ways of dealing with your stress..

This country is in a very big moral delema. I see it as going to hell in a handbasket. And it's not nessesarily the government.. it's the people as well. We have to find ways to liberate ourselves from this oppression. There has to be a way to go back to the old ways. The Traditional ways. But not traditonal in the sense of Overzealous, bible toting, psycho babble, but the ways of freedom. Freedom from tyranny. The things that this country was founded on.
Ok. . .but spamming isn't going to help your cause.

If only things could be as simple as you made it. It's human nature fo us to hate. How can you try reasoning with people like the KKK? Seriously.
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People need to read this. I really feel very strongly about it and feel I need to get it out as often as possible, as many places as possible.
Actually, it probably will. The fact is not everyone looks in every single forum on a site. Most people choose a favorite. However, this is not a topic that should only be put in one place so it will vanish into obscurity.
[Mod Note]CitizenX, one thread with the same OP (original post) is sufficient, I've merged these all into one thread.
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but you seem not to understand the changes around you all that well, in some parts...more later, its 1 in the morning..
Youve Got To Be Kidding! said:
I agree 100% and that is why I personaly hate 51% of Americans.

It's a shame you hate all of the Democrats, which make up 48% of the country, coupled with 3% of the remaining Conservatives...
Cnredd, I know what your implying but I don't believe you haha. Both you and You've_Got both are completely missing the point of this thread I think.
FinnMacCool said:
Cnredd, I know what your implying but I don't believe you haha. Both you and You've_Got both are completely missing the point of this thread I think.

Au contraire...I was just re-interpreting his post...that's all.:2wave:
I got the point and actually agree with most of it, but not at the extremes implied. I tilt quite right of center and am among those conservaties who are born optimists, who believe God doesn't allow poisons for which no anecdote is possible or problems for which there is no solution or idiots for which there is no redemption. I believe there is far more good in America than bad, that we are by far are the most generous of people, and what some interpret as 'greed' is in fact the natural result of a free people with unlimited opportunities and good work ethic.

In short, though I think there are numbnuts, idiots, and evil among us, I think the United States of America is a shining example of what a nation can make of itself and that is testified to by the millions upon millions who would much prefer to be here than where they are. I also think we are a work in progress and unless those who wish to destroy all the values that make us great prevail, we'll get better and better and better.
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