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Chalabi/INC Pegged as Source of Niger Forgeries (1 Viewer)

Simon W. Moon

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Apr 20, 2005
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Chalabi et al have been fingered as the source of the crudely forged Niger Uranium documents.

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Here's a prior snippet about the Iraqi National Congress (INC) "forgery" shop:

The Manipulator
Ahmad Chalabi pushed a tainted case for war. Can he survive the occupation?
Issue of 2004-06-07
Posted 2004-05-29
[Robert Baer ex-CIA, Iraq:] ...went with Chalabi [1994] to visit [INC] "forgery shop"...
"It was something like a spy novel," "It was a room where people were scanning Iraqi intelligence documents into computers, and doing disinformation. There was a whole wing of it that he did forgeries in." "...he was forging back then, in order to bring down Saddam." [--R. Baer]
[R. Baer:] [INC forged] ...letter to Chalabi ...[from] Clinton's National Security Council. [Asking] for Chalabi's help ...[w/ US] assassination plot against Saddam.
"It was a complete fake." [--R. Baer]
[R. Baer:] ...an effort to ...[get] Iranians ...[to join] plot against Saddam; [US] involvement, Chalabi hoped, would convince...
[Brooke:] ...[INC ran] forgery shop, but ...Chalabi [had not] created ...[forged] letter.
"That would be illegal." [--F. Brooke]
[Letter led to CIA accusing Baer of involvement w/ assassination plans.]
Of course, we all now know that the INC was also in bed w/ the Iranians as well as Team Bush. Partially detailed in this thread here.
I hope no one is suprised by this. Chalabi is the guy who we paid $400 million for his lies about wmds and the guy who provided the source known as "Curveball."

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