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Central African Republic: a history of suffering in silence


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May 6, 2016
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Half of you probably don't even know that this country exists. Until the decolonization period of the 60s, CAR was a french colony. It wat maybe a democracy for a yer or two until a military coup happened and a regime was set in place for many decades to come. The country is split between the more developed and populous west which is predominantly christian and the less developed west which is predominantly muslim. In 2007, the muslims were tired of the regime and so many rebel groups formed to overthrow the government; the revolution failed and the groups went into hiding until 2012 when they banded together to form the seleka. The seleka quickly defeated the regime in 2013 and it was all sunflowers and rainbows from there.
WRONG!! the seleka becan persecuting the christians who formed a defense group known as the anti balaka. In 2014, the seleka leader stepped down and the anti balaka formed a peaceful government and forgave the muslim population.... NOT. They carried out retribution attacks and the muslim population lived in fear of them. Soon, the seleka were back in action and did the same to christians which led to more retribution; it was a vicious cycle. Eventually, the confilct got the attention of france and the UN and so the UN sent peacekeepers. Unfortunately, there were sexual abuse allegations on the peacekeepers and they didn't quite solve the conflict.
Things seemed quite gloomy for the country until 2016 when a new government was formed. Although the conflict has mostly subsided, the country has many challenges in store for it such as lackluster development and abyssmal living standards. With elections just taking place a month ago and transition ended, the government will have to work to build infrastructure.
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