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Carl Paladino: "I'd Use Eminent Domain To Block Ground Zero Mosque"


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Jul 14, 2006
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If elected governor, WNY's Carl Paladino vows in a new radio ad that he'd use the eminent domain laws to stop the construction of a controversial Islamic center/mosque near Ground Zero.

(I'm not sure he could actually do that, by the way, but I'm looking into it.)

Paladino says sure he can, and instead of a mosque, the site should be a war memorial.
"I've been driving land-use issues for 40 years, and I understand the full powers of the governor. If the ACLU or anyone else wants to challenge me in court, I'm ready for the fight," he said in a campaign statement.

"Andrew Cuomo supports the mosque. He says it is about religious freedom and he says the mosque construction should proceed. I say it is disrespectful to the thousands who died on 9-11 and their families, insulting to the thousands of troops who've been killed or injured in the ensuing wars and an affront to American people. And it must be stopped."

Carl Paladino: I'd Use Eminent Domain To Block Ground Zero Mosque

I've heard his radio ads, and think this is a very disturbing idea.
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Paladino is a scum bag just like Rick Lazio. I love how alot of morons are calling him the Italian Ronald Regan when in fact he donated to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and Chuck Schumer. Eminent Domain is nothing but theft so its not surprising this crony capitalist wants to use it.

Paladino gave cash to variety of politicians - The Buffalo News
Bumping this thread, I think this is really important in the context of the debate over the "ground zero mosque"
Bumping this thread, I think this is really important in the context of the debate over the "ground zero mosque"


So we can have another 100 pages of Islamophobia.

Nah we don't need another one.

Just to deflate the claim that there are no efforts to use legal force, or plans to use legal force to stop the projects, not to mention that the support for this loony's ideas should spark more disucssion about who/what forces drive the protection of rights VS what it is supposed to be like, if that makes any sense.
"I'd use whatever loophole to get around that pesky first amendment that I need!"
This is why I think eminent domain laws should be made specific like roads. It should not be used to rip off property in order to give to businesses and it definitely should not be used to deny 1st amendment rights.
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