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cannabis/marijuana - the benefits?



Hi ppl...
i've been reading this forum for a bit and theres a lot of good discussions going on here, many of which u may get my opinion on soon. but i wanna start with a post about drugs. im from the UK and i know this forum is US politics, but i think the situation is the same in both.

this might sound like my life story but there is a political point i want to make. i want to challenge popular beliefs on drugs and explain what personal experience has taught me, and it goes against what the government tells us.

I'm 18 and i've been smoking weed for a few years now, and only recently it's become a problem.
before i used to smoke weed my life was ok, i was doing really well at school and had good relations with all my family, everything appeared ok. but i reckon i wasn't always that happy, cos i didnt have that much social life and i sometimes didn't see the point in life... i felt down sometimes, just bored with life. i felt pressured to do well at school although i never felt the pressure was too much.

around the same time i started smoking cannabis things started to change - the drug opened my eyes. i saw the beauty in life and in other people. i became more outgoing and started to have more fun. i just felt generally better. i stopped worrying so much about school and my grades started to slip, but only slightly, and strangely i felt much better, freer, because of it.

only recently the drug has started to take over. my consumption of cannabis has grown and grown gradually to the point where i find it impossible to stop. i made it to university fine but now i'm here i'm struggling with the work and im getting more and more lazy, unable to get up in a morning and living only to get stoned or pissed, or pill on weekends. my relationships with parents and family are crumbling and i feel like my life is spiralling out of control!

on the flip side, my social life is better than it has ever been and i feel like i'm living life to the full, and enjoying myself. i think i have a carefree attitude. i feel great a lot of the time but other times i realise i have to get my life back on track and feel overwhelmed, maybe depressed by it.

my story of drug addiction (which it is even though many dont consider cannabis to be "addictive") may sound similar to the one the government and media constantly bombard us with, to scare us. but my issue is that no one ever mentions the positives- only ever the negatives.

i wish i could rid the presence of marijuana from my life. in so many ways it is harming me. but if someone asked if i wish i'd never started, i would say no. i wouldn't want to go back to how i was in my early school years, shy and reserved, not seeing beauty or knowing how to have fun, unable to appreciate art and music and with nothing really to live for, except a stable future and maybe a well paid job. and i've had some amazing experiences on drugs. and they count for something.

so why should cannabis be banned? of course it has the potential to harm, and i know this from personal experience and i won't ever try to deny it. many things can harm you, cars, alcohol, playing rugby, the list goes on. and with weed as with any of these things you have to be careful with it or it can bring you down. but is this a reason to deny people the benefits of it? my experiences on drugs have given me the confidence and knowhow to enjoy life, and no doubt they have done the same for many people.

in summary my point is that there are two sides to the drug argument. i accept that drugs can ruin lives but this does not mean they are the work of the devil, and i think very few people understand that there are benefits to be gained from recreational drugs!
one final point: i want to focus on cannabis/marijuana here, and while i think all drugs should be legalised(for many reasons that i wont go into) not all drugs are the same and i dont wana get bogged down talking about opiates/crack

what u think people??.....
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