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Canelo vs Khan


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Sep 18, 2011
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Anyone else watch this fight?

Was a decent fight. Khan's speed was definitely impressive. Canelo however how the power punches and just keep rib-shotting him which clearly compromised Khan's speed and then with Khan slowed down and not being as elusive, BAM... one shot take down. Khan was out cold.

Next up for Canelo... Triple G. THAT should be a good power-punching fight.

Canelo has just one loss and that was to Mayweather in a decision and he has one draw. He is 25 but this fool went pro at age 15. Ridiculous. And still has this record:

Canelo: 47-1-1 with 33 KO's

Triple G... this guy is smoking folks in the ring.

Golovkin: 35-0 with 32 KOs, including 22 in a row.

22 KO's in a freegin' row. Both throw hard bombs for their weight class. They are disputing the weight to fight at but I hope they get that worked out. Canelo wants to fight at 155 and Golovkin wants to fight at 160. Doesn't seem like that big of a difference but it's hotly contested as of right now. If Canelo doesn't fight Golovkin, he vacates his belt so the onus is on Canelo to bend it seems.
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