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Can Tom Brady save the NFL?

The NFL is having a tough year. Ratings have been tanking, the league has received a lot of bad publicity and lost the interest/confidence of the average viewer.

The NFL badly needs Tom Brady, the same man they attempted to railroad, to lead his team to victory getting the Patriots back to the Super Bowl.

America does not have Tom Brady/New England Patriot fatigue. America is rooting for America's team against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A Super Bowl without Tom Brady will be one with record-low ratings. America will not get excited for a Blake Bortles-Case Keenum/Nick Foles Super Bowl.

Want Proof?

Most watched Super Bowl by viewership:

1. Super Bowl XLIX Patriots vs Seahawks
2. Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks vs Broncos
3. Super Bowl 50 Broncos vs Panthers
4. Super Bowl LI Patriots vs Falcons
6. Super Bowl XLVI Giants vs Patriots

Tom Brady and the Patriots are box-office special.

America will be rooting for Americas team because quite frankly, they would lose a lot of money.

I don't want to make bold predictions however if the Patriots lose, you could see the U.S economy perhaps take a dip and crime to spike briefly.

We need the Patriots to win. Brady going for his sixth ring is history in the making. Please don't let us down!


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Apr 6, 2017
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You have to stop fellating him long enough for him to play the game!


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Jun 10, 2011
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Those are 5 of the last 6 Super Bowls. Doesn’t seem like any causation for Brady. I doubt the rest of your predictions come true as well.
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