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Can Patriots Survive the Patriot Act?


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May 31, 2005
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Can Patriots Survive the Patriot Act?
By: Alan Caruba
RightConservative.com 06-11-05

Like everyone else I will be celebrating the Fourth of July as the birthday of our great nation, but I will be doing so with a nagging sense of foreboding about how much longer it will still be a nation that protect the rights set forth in the Constitution.

It is an aspect of politics, liberal or conservative, that those who believe in America’s historic role come together when the Constitution is threatened.

Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D., is as liberal as I am conservative. He teaches journalism at Bloomsburg University in the Pennsylvania. His latest book, “America’s Unpatriotic Acts: The Federal Government’s Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights” ($24.95, Peter Lang Publishing, New York) was recently published and it documents how the Patriot Act and its enforcement should scare the daylights out of everyone.

I find myself in the company of some of the most famed liberals, Noam Chomsky and Paul Krassner, among others, recommending that anyone concerned about where this nation is currently headed, read Dr. Brasch’s book.

Within six weeks of September 11, 2001, Congress approved the USA Patriot Act. Only a few of its members had an opportunity to read its 342 pages before they cast their vote. Only one of a hundred senators voted against it, joined by sixty-six of the 435 members of House of Representatives.

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We gave up our freedom many many years ago. The wrong report from a teacher or doctor can have DHS at your house, and your children removed within two hours. Try to get a mortgage or loan without a SS number. You can be forced to have a drug test at random even if you never did drugs, and you can be fired for smoking in your own home. We can't have a Nativity Scene in the town square. The list freedom restrictions is a long one. We are way past the time to worry about a few more that won't effect the majority of people. People want to use this as a political issue? They don't have much to fight with IMO.
Squawker said:
We gave up our freedom many many years ago. ... They don't have much to fight with IMO.
So, let's just roll over and let 'em force it up Lady Liberty's ass a few more times.
Who really wants freedom anyway? I mean it's worth dying for and all, but it's not worth paying attention.
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