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Can it be "fixed" (The Guatemala sinkhole)

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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Guatemala sink hole: Tropical storm Agatha blows a 200ft hole in city | Mail Online

We've all read the story and seen the pictures - is this area just going to have to be forever fenced off?

A lot of sinkholes are just that - a big, deep hole that has a bottom. This is the first time I've actually seen a sinkhole that falls to an underwater source like this (I'm sure it's not the first one, just the first time I've seen it)

So what happens next? Nothing.
I'm just amazed at how nearly perfectly round it is.

Lots of sinkholes go to underground water sources, though. Most of the diving I've done in Northern Florida were in underground springs opened up due to sinkholes. The one in your OP is a fricken massive one, though, and appears insanely deep.

As for fixing it.. no, I don't think they can, really. Not without polluting the underground water source which would be bad. Now, they could build a bridge over it, though.
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