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Can independents win for Congress?



Do you think independents can win elections when there is a republican and democrat already running? I just ran across this article on virginia's second congressional district, that talks about an independent candidate named Kenny Golden.

He was the immediate past chairman of the Republican Party in Virginia Beach, the largest city in the district. The Republican nominee, Scott Rigell, is a millionaire car dealer who is a pariah to the tea party because he donated $1000 to Barack Obama and $10,000 to a campaign to raise the gas tax. The Democrat, Glenn Nye, voted against health care, cap and trade, and extending unemployment benefits.

The district is facing the loss of joint forces command and one or two aircraft carriers. 50% of the regions economy is from the military and there are more retired veterans in the district than in any other. Kenny is the only candidate with any military experience, in fact he was a big part of the creation of joint forces command. Rigell and Nye have all the money, but they are going to destroy each other in the next couple of months.

Do you all think it is possible for Kenny Golden to pull of a win?
Yes, it is not only possible but it has happened. In 1990, Vermont incumbent House Republican Peter Smith lost to Independent Bernie Sanders, who continued to defeat Republicans and Democrats until he left the House in 2006. Kenny Golden can win as an independent in Virginia's 2nd district. Look at his opponents. Car dealer Scott Rigell, the Republican nominee, donated $1,000 to President Obama in 2008 and refused to go on record as supporting the FairTax. Glenn Nye voted for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. Kenny Golden has been very clear about his support for the FairTax and has more national security experience than his two opponents combined.
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